Whatsapp Messenger – Send Unlimited Free SMS and MMS With Whats Application Software

With Whatsapp messenger software installed on your mobile devices, you can send unlimited free bulk Sms and MMS on the go from your finger tips. WhatsApp Messenger is a mobile messaging application which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS and MMS. Especially Nigerians and Ghanians that like sending bulk unlimited free mobile text messages (SMS) and MMS with friends and love ones to any country and network operators across the globe, Whatsapp Messenger software is the solution.

WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia devices and yes, those phones can all message each other! Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends.

Whatsapp For Nokia Phones

Whatsapp messenger nokia

Minimum requirements:

  • Unlimited internet data plan!
  • Nokia S60 3rd edition, 5th edition or Symbian^3 Operating System

Whatsapp Nokia Supported device lists:

  • Symbian^3: N8 · C6 · C7 · E7
  • S60 5th edition: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic · Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition · Nokia 5530 XpressMusic · Nokia 5230 · Nokia 5233 · Nokia N97 · Nokia N97 mini · Nokia X6 · Nokia C6 · Samsung i8910 Omnia HD · Sony Ericsson Satio · Sony Ericsson Vivaz · Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro · Nokia N8
  • S60 3rd edition: LG KS10 · LG KT610 · LG KT615 · Nokia 5700 XpressMusic · Nokia 6110 Navigator · Nokia 6120 Classic · Nokia 6121 Classic · Nokia 6124 classic · Nokia 6290 · Nokia E51 · Nokia E63 · Nokia E66 · Nokia E71 · Nokia E90 Communicator · Nokia N76 · Nokia N81 · Nokia N81 8GB · Nokia N82 · Nokia N95 · Nokia N95 8GB · Samsung SGH-G810 · Samsung SGH-i400 · Samsung SGH-i408 · Samsung SGH-i450 · Samsung SGH-i458 · Samsung SGH-i520 · Samsung SGH-i550 · Samsung SGH-i550w · Samsung SGH-i560 · Samsung SGH-i568 · Nokia 5320 XpressMusic · Nokia 5630 XpressMusic · Nokia 5730 XpressMusic · Nokia 6210 Navigator · Nokia 6220 Classic · Nokia 6650 fold · Nokia 6710 Navigator · Nokia 6720 Classic · Nokia 6730 Classic · Nokia 6760 Slide · Nokia 6790 Surge · Nokia C5 · Nokia E52 · Nokia E55 · Nokia E71x · Nokia E72 · Nokia E75 · Nokia E5 · Nokia N78 · Nokia N79 · Nokia N85 · Nokia N86 8MP · Nokia N96 · Samsung GT-i8510 · Samsung GT-I7110 · Samsung SGH-L870

These ovi Nokia phones listed above, are the ones currently supported by whatsapp Messenger

Click Here to Download Whatsapp Nokia Software

Whatsapp For Blackberry Device

Whatsapp messenger Blackberry

Whatsapp Blackberry Minimum Requirements

  • BlackBerry OS 4.5 or above
  • BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) or BLackBerry Enterprise Service (BES)

Click Here to Download Whatsapp Blackberry Software. Note you need to connect to the Download link with your blackberry device.

Or, you can also download the Whatsapp Messenger Blackberry software from Blackberry Application World

Whatsapp For Android Device

whatsapp messenger android

Whatsapp Android Minimum requirements:

  • Android OS 2.1 or above
  • Unlimited internet data plan

Click Here to Download Whatsapp for Android device


Whatsapp For iPhone Device

whatspp messenger android

Whatsapp Messenger currently support all iPhone devices no matter how old or new, as long they are running iPhone OS 3.1 and up. but Whatsapp Messenger don’t support other Apple devices such as iPod or iPad currently.

Click Here to Download whatsapp for iPhone software

Do you need any assistance or have FAQ as regards how to use Whatsapp Messenger on Mobile device – Nokia, Blackberry, iPhones and Androids. Click Here for Whatsapp FAQ and Reviews

Or See More Detail Information about Whatsapp Messenger Software Download from their official blog

Keep Sending unlimited bulk free SMS and MMS with Whatsapp Messenger.


Video Tutorial Help on How to Add Your Site to Google Webmaster Tools and Get Your Site Page Ranked and Indexed

Google Webmaster Central is a great place for webmasters and the most popular thing from webmaster central is the Google Webmaster Tools. This is a perfect place for the webmasters to analyze and improve the website performance. This tool also allow you to control the activity of Google bot over your website. You can control the crawling speed, target a specific geographic location and remove URLs from Google search index etc. The main features of this tool includes, Showing the page impressions, how much traffic the site gets from Google search, The best and worst performing keywords, the number of URLs indexed by Google, the crawling errors faced by Google bot, number of back-links achieved, internal links and so many things that you should know.

Here is  Google Webmasters Tools Verification Help (Youtube Featured Video) – Step by Step Guide

How  To Add and Verify Blogger Blogspot.com Blog On Google Webmasters Tools

If your are having a blogger blogspot.com blog, here is how to use the Google Webmaster Tools to crawl, index and have your blog pages/posts get ranked easily.


Its very simple to signup for a Google Webmaster Tools if you have a Google account. Your Gmail account is also a Google account. I am sure you have a Google account. If no, then create one. Its free and take very less time. The first requirment in Google Webmaster tools is the Google account and the 2nd one is to verify the website at Google Webmaster Tools. This is the topic we are going discuss in this first post of Google Webmaster Tools Guide.

How to Add Your Website to Google Webmaster Tool?

1. Browse to Webmaster Tools www.google.com/webmasters/tools/
2. Sign in to the site using your Google account user name and password.
3. The next page will be the Home page and you can add your website on this page.
4. Click on the button “Add a site “. A small box will appaear and enter the URL of the website you wish to add into Google Webmaster tools and click ” Continue ” button.

The next page will take you to the verification Processes. Follow the steps bellow to Verify your website at Google Webmaster Tools.

How to Verify Your Website at Google Webmaster Tools?

There are four different methods to verify your ownership of the added domain at Google Webmaster tools. This may makes the process little complex, but it is very important for Google to be sure about the owner of a website. It will not provide any data related to website traffic, top performing Keywords to anynomus. So be sure that your data is safe and only you can access them after verifying the ownership process.

The four ways to prove your ownership at Google are :

1. Adding a DNS record to your domain’s configuration.
2. Linking your Google Analytics account.
3. Uploading an HTML file to your server.
4. Adding a meta tag to your site’s home page.

Verifying the website by adding a DNS record to your domain’s configuration.

Select this option if you have got any idea about DNS Records. This process is little technical, and you can complete this if you follow the instructions carefully.

Click on the Radio button “Add a DNS record to your domain’s configuration” Find the drop-down list given bellow to that page . You can find 8 domain name registars list. If you had booked your domain using one of those registars, select that. You can find the step by step instructions to complete the processes. If you don’t see your registar, choose the option “Other”. This will show you the general ways to do this job. If you had purchased the domain using Google apps, your domain registar will be “Godaddy” or “ eNom”.

After everything is done, click on the “Verify” button.

Verifying the website by Linking to your Google Analytics account

If you are using the Google Analytics service for your website you can use this option to very your domain ownership. However this option needs you to be the aministrator of the Google Analytics account.When you choose this option and click on the “Verify” button, it will search the active Google analytics tracking code on the index page of the website and check that tracking code with your analytics account. If both matches and you are the administrator of that analytics account, You are done.

Verifying the website by Uploading an HTML file to your server

When you select the radio button given for the option “Upload an HTML file to your server”, You can see the instructions will be shown bellow that page. Follow those instruction and download the given HTML verification file. Upload that HTML file to the root of your website.Upon successful upload, click the “Verify” button.Now it will search and find that file on your website and you are done with the verification process.

Verifying the website by adding a meta tag to your site’s home page

Meta tags are used to communicate with Search Engines. And if you select the radio button to add a meta tag to your site’s home page in order to verify the ownership, then it will show you the meta tag. Just Copy that meta tag and paste it in the header section within the tags.You need to get access to the header file or index file in order to do this job. After completing the above steps, click on the “Verify

If having any difficulties whatsoever adding your website to google webmaster tools verification for better pagerank SEO success and indexing your site quickly, just watch the tutorial step-by-step video above

Image Map Creator, Editor and Generator Software Free Downlaod – ImageMapping Editor For Creating Clickable HTML Image Maps Links

Free HTML Image Map Editor and Generator Maker. Here is a powerful free software premium software – Imagination Image Map Editor a powerful HTML image map creator, imagemaps creator, image map editor and image map generator maker software for creating high quality clickable links images

Imagination map editor is a great simple to use html image map generator software that runs smoothly on your PC, the image mapper works well after successful installation on your pc.


image map creator generator

Just like every other premium html image editor program tools, Easily make client-side HTML image maps for your website. Image maps are photos or graphics on webpages that contain clickable hyperlink-enabled areas.

The Imagination Image Map Editor and html image map maker lets you visually create imagemaps for insertion into your webpages without any coding required!

Image Map Editor and Html Image Mapping Maker software Free Download Link


Unlock Zte 3G USB Modems With Free DC Unlocker Software Download with Unlimited Credits

Here is how you can jailbreak and unlock your recent zte 3G USB modems so that its can become universal using free cracked dccrap unlocker software to generate the 16 digits unlock codes.

There are different ways of unlocking zte usb modems some zte modems model requires just the imei code to get unlocked why others require a third party software – dcunlocker client installed on your pc before the unlocking codes can be calculated and generated.

Working and Cracked Dccrap Unlocker Free Download

dc unlocker software

Dcunlocker Full Cracked, Nulled and patched Download Link With Unlimited Free Credits

Download here to download the already hacked dc unlocker two(2) dongle software and follow the steps below to write and get your zte modem model unlocking codes. Please note that recent zte modems don’t directly ask for unlock especially zte modems like mf100, zte mf627, zte mf622, mf637 etc so using our universal mastercode calculator will not get them unlocked.

like I said you need a third party software application that runs real time. click the download link above to download the free unlocking software and follow this simple easy steps.

First, if there is a memory card stick on your datacard, please remove it. remove sim card and put sim card preferably from another another carrier that you want to unlock.(it will display invalid sim)

Plug your 3G Usb modem stick device in to your computer Usb port or adpater, sometime connection manager will display,close it. Please ensure you would have downloaded the full free zte unlocking software above.

select the manufacture as ZTE datacards. Select the model as Auto detect (recommended). If you know the model and which com port you use. You can also do that in the same way

Click the detect card button. after your modem model will display below box. When your modem has been detected, then click the Unlock Button at your right hand side top corner

Check here for a complete lists of supported Zte And Hauwei  3G usb modems that can be unlocked 

Video Tutorial On How to Use The Full Free Cracked  DC Unlocker Software to Unlock Zte 3G USB Modems

http://www.mediafire.com/?x06980d93y5806c to Download the the Full Free  3G Dccrap Unlocker Software

If the above steps could not get your modem unlocked especially if among any of the new 3G usb modems that does not support the old algorithm for generating modems unlock code please read up this new update