Money Names – How to Make Real Money Of Premium Top Level Domain Names (INFOGRAPHICS)

Just like the contemporary stock market money goldmine, names of money from domain name niche is by far one of the smartest millionaire fastlane way to hit up the ground running with mega wads of cash if applied well.

Smart domain names should sell for millions in near future if carefully chosen


Just take a look at these top premium domain names being sold in the last 1 year

1. ($1,000,000)
2. ($550,000)
3. ($500,000)
5. ($148,000)

Its no longer news that premium top level domain names that are keyword-rich, short, generic, descriptive, proper names, geographic, industry wide, memorable and brandable “money names” sell well like mad

these are just some of the sharp idealogical ingredients that spice up a domain name from any profitable niche

Top Four (4) Lessons to Make Money Of TLD Names
Carefully study the hot domain names for money infographics trend below as read from



Easy Credit Card Validity Checker and Verifier

See if whether any credit card – Visacard, Mastercard, America Express, Discovery validity and usage. This software also serve the purpose of the following

Visacard Checker and Verifier

Mastercard Checker and Verifier

Discover Card Validity Checker

America Express Card Validity Checker and Verifier.


To check if any credit cards as listed above is valid or invalid, just input the 16 digits credit card number in the software and click on Check tab, its will automatically bring a prompt message saying its either a valid credit card or an invalid credit card.

Download the Free Credit Card Validity Checker and Verifier Below

How to Find DHL Tracking Reference Number Using Google Adsense Payment Number to Track Check/Cheque

As for those google adsense advertiser(s) using Payment Type as secure Check delivery usually dhl according to what is showing from my own location when opting in for the paid secured payment mode.

Just like the way parcels and other items being posted and sent via dhl courier service are being attributed tracking reference number(s) so that delivery could be checked and monitored real-time online, you can also use your Google Adsense payment number – usually nine(9) digits to do the same.

How To Track a Google Adsense Check/Cheque Real-time Online

To track your google adense check/cheque realtime online, log into your adsense account and click Payments tab, then scroll down in your payment menu to select the exact month earnings you intend to track, and look for the nine(9) digits Payment Number

Then go over to this main DHL reference number tracking webpage as seen below

you will need to copy and paste your Google adense payment number into the Shipper’s Reference tab e.g 0X8X483X2


As for the Date range for shipment – From tick 01    03     2012
As for the Date range for shipment – To tick 05   03   2012

make sure the date is within a close range and interval e.g 1st – 5th since Google normally send out check(s)/Cheque(s) to courier companies 1st and 2nd

Leave the Account number tab blank, your could select your country as Shipment Destination or leave it blank then click Track

So long you correctly fill in the correct Date, Month and Year, clicking on Track will display the entire routes (cities and Countries) and the corresponding time your google adsense check arrives and departs


How to Find DHL Tracking Reference Number – Waybill

What is the meaning of dhl payment waybill?  Dhl Waybill simply means dhl tracking ID. The dhl reference tracking number could also be referred to as Waybill which is usually ten (10) digits number at the top right corner of dhl online real-time shipping process webpage.


Best Free Adsense CTR Theme Download

The better the theme for your adsense niche or micro niche sites(s) the bigger the earnings you accrue in your adsense marketing business.

Most Problogger has always recommend that your use specially made adense theme for adense sites especially if you are targeting micro niche sites and blogs.

I came across this theme earlier today, Nulled CTR Theme – The Ultimate AdSense Theme.

This free CTR Theme (for WordPress) makes it easy to build informational websites monetized with AdSense that get awesome click-through rates (CTR). with it, your site contents will specifically be opimized to get the best possible click adsense earning click throughs

free adsense ctr theme

Top Nulled Adesense Ctl Theme Free Download Links

Just download, its nulled already no need for email or paypal ID activation code whatsoever

I shalll upadate this web page of any good and converting adsense niche site themes. If you more good ones other than the CTR theme or if you want to request for, please use the comment thread below