Must Have Cool Usb Tech Gadgets and Accessories Features

As the technology is advancing with every passing day, many latest machinery or tools are being invented by the different manufacturers that are making the life of people so easy. Like cell phones have acted as a bridge between the communication gap of people and computers save huge amount of human time by making their work easy and quick. Similarly, there is a device among the cool gadgets which is growing in popularity and becoming the latest trend among youngsters, is the USB. It is very commonly used by people who use computers to work on a daily basis.

The development of USB technology started in the market in the year 1995. The main aim was to develop a standard way, through which the devices could interconnect with computers. Since then there has been a continuous development in the quality of these products which in turn has generated great amount of customer satisfaction. These gadgets have changed the dimension of computer industry. These wonders have made the work of people easier and are helping them to reduce their work load. USB is not just a port that is used in a computer but, it can be considered one of the hi-tech gadgets being used in the modern day.


USB stands for Universal Series Bus that allows the users to connect it to their PCs in order to share or transfer various data and files to another computer. Electronic gadgets have always been a helping hand to human beings and this remains same in case of USB device also. It makes the transaction of data quick and error free for the user without any disruption. On the other hand it is also very cheap which makes it a gadget easily available to people of every age group.

Some of the new gadgets have developed a stylish approach to attract the users. It remains same in the case of USB gadgets also. This stylish model has been designed in such a way that it provides a standard means of exchange of data between two or more computers. It is basically a wireless technology that has been developed in a number of versions. Many of these gadgets are available in the market at a very cheaper rate.

Some of the USB gadgets which can prove to be very useful to the users are

1.)    Polaroid Wi-Fi camcorder which helps in live streaming through the internet.

2.)    Aroma USB, which helps in freshening your mood as well as your working environment with its fragrance.

3.)    Portable hard drives give you an additional option to store your data safely.

Buying online is also an available option by which the consumers may get the best gadgets by proper comparison between two articles of the same type.  Most of the information related to these devices is available in detail which makes it easier for the users to get a clear view of the device they actually want to buy for themselves. It does not leave you with an option other than buying the device at once.

How to Reboot and Shutdown Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 Online Without Using Start Menu

Rebooting, hibernating and shutting down any of your computer windows operating system either remotely or directly online is now made easily possible

With the free ReStartPage online, you can now close all open programs, shut down windows and then turn of your computer online without having to click on your normal computer Start Menu or the Alt F4 (windows shortcut shutdown keys)

From this windows rebooting and shutdown page online, you can exit windows, shut down windows, restart windows, end and turn off your computer session.

This computer rebooting or turning off application software page online currently support windows XP, windows vista, windows 7 and 8


Brief Summary Of What  the Free RestartPage Does?

  1. Swtich user without closing personally or default windows installed programs
  2. Log Off: Close programs and log off your computer
  3. Lock your computer
  4. Restart: close all open prgrams, shut down open windows and then starts windows again
  5. Sleep: Keep your session in memory and put the computer in low-power state so that you can quickly resume working from where you stopped previously
  6. Hibernate: Saves your session and turn off the computer, When you turn on the computer, windows restores your session

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Google Android Sdk Meaning, Installation, Tutorial, Component and Download

Google Android SDK MeaningIt’s simply an acronym for Google Android Software Development Kit, an official guide from Google that teaches SDK software apps and management

Google’s Android has become one of the most widely used operating systems for cellphones and tablets. A majority of smartphone users today use Android. Phone manufacturers are also increasingly incorporating Android in their products. One of the reasons for the popularity of Android is that it has a good apps support. A wide range of apps are available for Android devices for a whole range of functionalities, extending the usefulness of an Android device. The Android SDK stands for Android Software Development Kit. It is software with the help of which new apps are developed for Android. Android SDK is one of the most powerful tools for software development for Android. Since Android’s hunger for new apps increases with its popularity, we may as well gauge the functionality that the software may have.


Google Android SDK Free Download

To download Android SDK is not a difficult thing to do. A search on the internet will provide the necessary links for downloading the software. After downloading the software, the websites themselves offer Android SDK tutorial to induce a new user into the world of software development for Android.

Top 3 Free Download Of Android SDK Mirror Sources

1. Softonic SDK Download Mirror
2. Android Developer Official
3. Softedia SDK Download Mirror

Google Android SDK Components

The Android SDK consists of several components. It includes debuggers, libraries, documentations, sample codes, tutorials and of course a handset emulator based on QEMU. Different versions allow for the software to run in a variety of operating systems and platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac etc. The wide compatibility range allows for programmers to work in different platforms with ease.

Android SDK Eclipse

Android Software Development Kit Eclipse,  is the officially supported integrated development environment (IDE) for the software. It supports programming mostly through Java, in a wide range of different programming languages such as Ada, C, C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, Haskell, Perl, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, Clojure, Scala, Android, Scheme and Groovy. The Eclipse also allows for programming using plug ins. The programmers can also use simple text editors to work with the programs they are developing.

How to Use Android SDK

The Android SDK comes with older versions of the operating systems as well. This is to make sure that the programs developed with the help of the software are useful for older versions of Android that are still in use. After the latest version is downloaded, there are available options for additionally installing other versions of the software to check for compatibility.

Installing Android SDK

Android SDK installation is a quite simple process. The setup, in the form of a wizard, guides the user through a step by step process which enables him to install the software. The installation process is effortless and done in a very user friendly manner.

From the above discussion it is quite evident that the software will prove to be a very useful one in recent times. A lot of users using Android smartphones today need newer and newer apps to suit their specific requirements. Also the community of Android users’ needs a common base for developing software to share among them. This will enable them to work and coordinate in a better manner.

Top 4 Smartphone Features For Social Media

If your primary use for your phone is to access social networking sites on the go, there are certain features you should look for when shopping for a new smart phone. Although every mobile operating system these days offers social media apps, there are other features that can make your social networking experience better.

Get the Top 5 Must Have Features For a new  Revolutionalized Smart TV

1. QWERTY Keyboard: despite popular belief, the full QWERTY keyboard will never become outdated, even with the widespread integration of the touch screen keyboard. Blackberry appeals to professionals because of how easy emailing, messaging, and general typing is with a full keyboard at your fingertips, especially because touch screen keyboards cumbersome. Writing status updates, messaging and chatting with friends, and general browsing is made much easier on a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard. If your preference is a touch screen keyboard, go for a handset with a larger screen, like the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3, which makes your typing surface larger. The Samsung Galaxy Note may not have a QWERTY keyboard, but it has a massive screen and Stylus pen to help you type with ease.

2. Social Media Integration: with the latest mobile operating system updates from all three major contenders, Facebook integration is becoming standard. However, some OSs do it better than others. Windows Phone 8, with it’s intuitive “Live Tile” system, offers status updates and unread messages at a glance, without the need to open the apps themselves. Both iOS 6 and Android Jelly Bean have integrated Facebook through out their user interface, syncing your phone contacts and calendar with information from your friends, such as addresses and birthdays. You can get notifications on the status bar, instantly share photos and video with shortcut menu options and more.

social Media Phones

3. Connectivity: maintaining a connection on the go is important when it comes to staying up to date on the latest updates from your social networks. Standard WiFi hotspot support is essential, and now that 4G LTE is slowly becoming supported everywhere, you can enjoy lightening fast data transfer speeds where ever you are. If service is thin, you can always fall back on 3G, without compromising speed.

4. Camera: with more Instagram users than Twitter users, it’s obvious most social media is centered around capturing and sharing moments with friends. A phone with a camera that not only has plenty of megapixels, but lots of user features as well, will be an asset for social networking fans. Face recognition, LED flash, high definition video, and geo-tagging are essential, as are photo editing features. The Nokia Lumia 900 even has a professional caliber Carl Zeiss lens on it’s 8MP camera. A front-facing camera is also ideal if you take advantage of video calling and chat; Google+ Hangout will incorporate video chat in it’s social network.

There is only one phone on the market designed for social networking fans (more specifically, Facebook users) and that’s the HTC Status. It has a dedicated Facebook share button, which lets you instantly share photos, update your status, “check in” and more. It makes you wonder: with the increased integration of social networking features in phones, can we expect the future to hold more phones like the HTC Status?

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Download Full Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) For Android.APK

Just as the championship game that enthrills on pc with pro evolution soccer gaming experience, if you an avid mobile football gamer especially on any smartphone or gadget android operating system enabled device

You will recall that PES Android simply stands for Pro Evolution Soccer for android operating system. What this andvance revolutionay football gaming championship competition means is that you can now play the popular demand PC PES game on any android OS ready device with ease

Some of the interesting mobile football gaming leagues and championship include La Liga, Serie A, Champions league, Premiers leagues, La gameplay etc.


The full PES 2012 android.apk football game which is newly improved and updated with features as speed, easy manipulation of control keys, accuracy is already available here for free download in the usual android application package file which is .APK

As you may already know, the full meaning of APK as used with andoid application file extension, is the file format used to distribute and install application software and middle ware onto Google’s owned Android operating system that runs on other third phones like Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola etc. smart mobile phones

Download Here Free Full Konami PES 2012 Android.APK

Alternate Download Link for Konami PES 2012.APK in High Defination