The Unique Improvements Of The iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 maintains some of the design which one can use to identify the previous models – the iPhone 4 and 4S. However, in other ways, the iPhone 5 presents significant changes producing a mobile upgrade that feels much more modern and advanced.

Previous iPhone models were made of stainless steel sandwiched between sheets of glass. The iPhone 5 is made out of aluminum. This is the same material used by Apple on their iPads as well as their desktop computers. It also has certain ramifications for the device. One of these is that by using aluminum, the iPhone 5 is much stronger than other models. Continue reading The Unique Improvements Of The iPhone 5 Buys For 21 Billion Naira (£87M)

Earlier today on BBC news, I found out in a post where somebody sold a site he started the year 2003 for Eighty Seven Million Pounds (21 Billion Naira)

High-profile personal finance commentator and campaigner Martin Lewis has sold his website for up to £87m to which runs an online price comparison service.


I took out time to figure out something spectacular and unique from this just flipped Money Supper Market site which is one of the highest priced site sold, the thing is Martin Lewis endure all the usual breakthrough rigours and pains and the best use of his coding ability.

Lesson learnt, tenacity of purpose is one of the many key factors to achieving a “miracle of how did it happen
Don’t give up. you maybe closer than you have ever think


The First Person to Be Cured Successfully of HIV With Stem Cell

After an experiment stem cell treatment in 2007 (stem-cell transplantation), Timothy Ray Brown has been completely cured of HIV. He is known as the “Berlin Patient” and this year medical examination has showed that the HIV is gone.

It is worth mentioning that when healthy people take antiretrovirals (this is a drug which is used to treat HIV) their chances of becoming infected with HIV gets declined by 73%.


Since this HIV/AIDS cure breakthrough, Medical scientists and experts have been treating infected patients across Europe and beyond with a combination of chemotherapy and dialysis with a great success rate, but the treatment takes months and can completely destroy the patient’s immune system.