LG 55lm7610 3D HD Smart TV Features And Review

55lm7610 Review – A Tv You Can’t Keep Your Eyes off From

Television is no doubt the best mode of entertainment for any person of any age, living anywhere on the planet. You can at anytime switch on the television and get glued to your favorite TV shows or catch a movie. Time is indeed going by easily and you don’t get bored.

55lm7610 review of the new television from LG is making news these days and all because of the great features that it has brought to the its users.

Intuitive Design and Built Up

It has taken the viewing experience on the television to a completely new level. The TV is definitely one of the finest products that the company has ever showcased in the world. A combination of mind whopping technologies and an elegant, eye pleasing design. The Television is worth every single penny that is spent on it.


Free Flickr 3D Glasses

According to most 55lm7610 reviews, the TV presents a complete new 3D experience to the viewers in the 2D virtual world. With flicker free 3D glasses that require no batteries and is light weight. 3D watching was never so comfortable. LG 55lm 3D Smart Tv is  just another technical marvel from LG.

Sound Zooming

It is like you are between whatever is taking place in your television. Along with 3D depth control and 3D sound zooming, TV really never got so close up to reality. No frame ensures that your viewing is not obstructed in any possible way. LG 3D TV review generally fair well down in the past too. It indeed one of the top smart 3D HD TV out there that has almost all-in-one features that a modern day Tv should should

Magic Remote

Apart from uplifting the 3D level that is available in the other counterparts of the TV in the market, this television from LG provides with whole lots of other features too. It would really not exaggerate to call the remote of the TV “Magic Remote” due to its various unique features.

Youtube and Wireless Display

Search over YouTube that you want to watch now you need not compromise over the limited options available on Television. Connect your laptop via Wireless Display to PC, no internet or wire is required whatsoever.

USB and PC Connectivity 

Sharing is also supported across various devices like USB memory, PC, Phone etc. LG TV reviews have always been good but this one is indeed above the competition.

The display of the Television is also crystal clear and comes with Spot control technology that ensures realistic contrast and deep colors. The display also boasts of providing the best of the class colors and sharpness and all that by saving power thereby proving out to be quite environmentally friendly too.


The resolution supported by the TV is 1920×1080 and that is more than sufficient to let you view the videos in high quality that you wish for.

All with all LG TV reviews prove that this TV from LG is one technical wonder that you would never regret to go for. Equipped with all the latest technology available and state of the art design, it fulfils everything that you can desire of from a TV. The Television is indeed worth every single penny that you spend on buying it. Therefore,  don’t hesitate once you have made up your mind to go for it.

Naija Movies – Free Top 3 Sites to Watch and Download African Drama and Films Online

With the advent of fast 3G and 4G broadband internet connection and services watching and downloading full ads-free nigerian movies online for free is now more than possible.

But as for those still subscribing for the Gigabyte internet surfing bandwidth plan on naija telecom operators, being stuck with limited access on how many movies that can be watched and downloaded is a factor that should not be over-looked as the number of movies watched and downloaded depends on how your internet bandwith get exhausted.

But be that as it may, most naija citizens in the diaspora who have always loved to watch non cable-satellite movies from across the globe can now do so from their finger tips just with internet connection enabled PC


How to watch and download nigeria movies online free from any where in the world?

its easy, just simply bookmark these top 3 sites and take note of the corresponding naija channels url.

1. Irokotv.com
2. Youtube.com
3. Veetle.com

From any of these Nigerian movies watching channels online, you decide to specifically choose from which type of films to watch and you will be able to have free 24/7 access among all the indigenous movies accross Nigeria ranging from

Yoruba Movies
Igbo Movies
Hausa Movies

Urhobo, Edo, Efik, Isoko, Ibibio, Tiv, Idoma and lots more nigeria ethnic movies online.

You can share this with friends on facebook, twitter and Linkedin, You can also use the comment to add more high-quality movies and drama sites peculiar to Africa (Naija)

Download London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Full HD and Mp4 Video

Just as the ever waited prestigious London 2012 Olympic games opening ceremony, a Danny Boyle’s 27 Million Pounds production has come and gone, the great sense of humour that rock everyone’s heart is still imaginable footnote and cross-reference as it was the first of it kind.


Britain was ready to welcome the greatest show on Earth as its a great moment for the country and the nation in its entirety, so they seize the opportunity and deliver the best.


2HD have released the Show of “London’s 2012 Olympics.

Download the London 2012 Olympics CTV Show HDTV – x264-2HD from any of the download link to contstantly refresh yourself of the memorable event that took the whole wide world by storm

Get the 891,96 MB London 2012 Olympics.Mp4 Video from Turbobit or Rapidgator

OR the full 3Gig High Definition (HD) TV Shows as recorded live from ThePiratebay and Torrent Site

5 Must Have Features For a new Smart TV

Smart TVs are the next generation TV sets that address the multiple needs of television viewers. It’s a multi-tasking TV that can browse the internet, run various apps, and so much more! Different TV manufacturers have already released their own smart TVs in the market. Before buying your first smart TV, here are must-have five features you need to look for.

Web Browser. Smart TVs are mainly defined by its ability to be used as an internet browser. This is the primary “revolutionary” feature of smart TVs. There are so many videos to watch in the web. Having access to those videos through your smart TV is the most convenient way to browse your favorite programs or movies. Sony comes with the “Opera” browser while the LG Google TV comes with a full “Google Chrome” browser. Samsung, on the other hand, comes with its own customized browser.

Flash Support. Make sure that your smart TV is Flash supported. Most videos require Flash application to stream the videos. Your smart TV needs to have the latest Flash software to enable you to view web videos. This feature will complement your smart TV’s web browser.


Easy-to-use Remote Control. Since smart TVs have a lot to offer, you need a remote control that’s easy to navigate. The LG 55LM7610 comes with a Magic Remote that has a pointing, gesture, and wheel capability. You can easily point and click, create simple gestures for complex commands, and scroll up or down similar to using a mouse. LG took this technology a notch higher with the Magic Remote QWERTY of the LG Google TV. This sleek remote control that comes with a QWERTY keyboard makes browsing, chatting, blogging, and tweeting in your smart TV an absolute treat!

Excellent Recommendation Capability. Your smart TV is called “smart” because it should be able to keep track of the movies, programs, and videos you watch. From this efficient tracking comes an excellent recommendation list that would showcase related videos that might interest you. Samsung’s smart TV already explored this area and has a simple recommendation system. LG’s Google TV, on the other hand, leverages on Google’s ability to source related videos, making recommendations more relevant to its user.

App World. Apps are downloadable features that can make your smart TV even smarter, so to speak. Your smart TV should be able to run a wide variety of apps that suit your viewer needs. Smart TV manufacturers are continuously developing their respective app ecosystems to make it as comprehensive and competitive as possible. From video apps such as YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, CinemaNow to social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter, your smart TV should be able to provide you with the latest and most significant app you need.


These are just some of the things you ought to consider when buying a smart TV. There are other additional features that are worth looking at aside from these. Research as much as you can because making that purchase. Smart TVs can either make your life easier or more complicated. Just like any other gadget, you need to be well versed with the new technology it offers and find satisfaction in doing so. You should be able to enjoy using your smart TV and maximize every feature it showcases!

Author bio:

Aubrey Samson is a freelance programmer, an annual mountaineer and a former mathematics Tutor. She’s also into music and song composition, Her influences are pop and R&B. Follow her escapades on her Twitter.