FREE SSL Service – How To Get A Free SSL Certificate For Your Facebook Pages

Why should I care about “SSL”?

On October 1st 2011 Facebook made it mandatory for all Facebook Apps to be hosted on a secured server in order to protect the users’ privacy when viewing Facebook apps.

This means that if a Facebook user is trying to access a Facebook App that is not hosted on a secured server, the user that are browsing with a secured connection will not be able to access the application. Only Facebook users haven’t enabled secured browsing will be able to see these applications.

In other words, if you don’t host your pages at a secured server you will lose potential viewers and consequently even possible sales/leads. By installing a SSL certificate we make sure all Facebook users will be able to see our Facebook Apps & Pages.

What is SSL?
SSL (or Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol that provides secure communication on the Internet. You might recognize it from when you log into your bank account or when you are sending money via PayPal. Almost anything that involves money exchange online is usually done over SSL.

When you visit a website that starts with https:// (instead of http://) you are looking at that website through a secured connection. The only way to make that happen is by installing a SSL Certificate at your webhost / website.

Unfortunately there are some downsides to SSL certificates:
– It can be a bit tricky to install for non-technical people.
– SSL License are quite expensive (GoDaddy’s SSL certificates range from
$69.99 up to $199.99 per year)

The main purpose of this guide is to show you how to get a free SSL Certificate (instead of paying for it every year).

We’ll also point you in the right direction of installing the SSL certificate, but this may differ for your hosting situation. If you’re not comfortable installing it yourself, we recommend asking your webhost who should be able to install it in no-time.

What will the SSL Certificate actually do?
Simply put the SSL Certificate makes sure that your domain is not only accessible by, but also through (notice the http VS https). The HTTPS tells us that the data is transferred through a secured line – which is exactly what we need to create our own Facebook Apps (and thus custom Fan Page Tabs or Pages).

Step 1: Creating an StartSSL account
We’re going to request our free SSL certificate at, so go
ahead and open the website. Click  on “Control Panel” in the top-right corner, and then click on “the Sign Up” icon that appears.

Enter all your details and press “Continue“.


You will now receive an email with a verification code to verify your email address. Go to your email inbox, open that email and copy-paste the verification code to the Press “continue” to proceed. You will now see a message called “Generate Private Key“. Click “Continue” to proceed. This will install a certificate to your browser so you don’t have to log in on the StartSSL-website in the future. This is not the SSL-certificate yet

You will now see a message called “Install Certificate“. Press “Install” to continue, where after you can click “Finish” to finish your account. At this point you’ll have a

Step 2: Verify ownership of the domain
Click on the tab “Validations Wizard” so we can start validating that we actually own the domain name that we want to create a SSL certificate for. Select “Domain Name Validation” and press Continue. Enter the domain name where you will be hosting your Facebook pages on and press “Continue“. At this point you can select an email address that will be used to verify that you are actually the owner of the domain name. Before you select an email address and continue to the next page, you should make sure that the email address  actually exists. If it doesn’t exist yet – create that email address in your web host panel (e.g. Plesk, Direct Admin, WHM etc).

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Make Fast Ads-Free Facebook Timeline Cover Pictures Online

Its always good to have the best quality and well customized and personlized cover images and pictures for your facebook timeline profile

Timeline cover simply means front page or cover image that is used on your new facebook account profile in repeating manner to show exactly what you or your fanpage simply represent in a nutshell upon being viewed by your facebook friends and fanpage fans online.

That is why is always better you use conventional or collage photos as your cover images so that people can easily get clue of what you and your brand represent in the social network platform at all times

Making your own fb timeline cover photo is easy, using the free simple, fast and quality fb timeline cover picture maker and creator available online, though there are tons of fb timeline cover up picture maker online, my preferred easy-to-use choice is the free FB Profile Covers


Steps to Creating Free Fast FB Timeline Cover Picture For your Facebook Profile

To create your own facebook, Goto Free FB Timeline Cover Picture Maker

Select the “Preview Personal Covers” button then select your own unique free timeline cover template appropriate for you. You may also want to use the free collage photos

Then click on “Shuffle Photos

And lastly click “Make My Cover” at the instance of clicking this, your timeline image cover should be ready

What is the New Facebook Timeline Image Size?
The standard facebook timeline image cover dimension in size is 851 X 315 pixels, and the free tools usually take care of this size automatically for upon download or direct linking with your facebook profile, so you dont have to worry doing this image conversion manually by yourself

Final Thoughts
This free timeline cover maker is so good as  its ads and watermark-free, What do you think? lets me know your favourite best choice of free FB timeline cover maker online

Easily Water Mark Your Images Online Free With Picmarkr Photo Watermark Creator

Adding watermarks to photos and pictures is one of the surest way to personalizing your image file. There are so many image plagiarism and copyright infringement activities online, and adding watermark to your photos makes you stand out

What is image and photo watermarking?
according to and image and photo watermark means

” faint design made in some paper during manufacture, that is visible when held against the light and typically identifies the maker”

In order word, its means adding and embedding custom text, tile and image into photos thereby making it different from every other photos online

Image water mark is very useful as it does not only help to add and embed a custom links, text or whatsoever to your image, but its also needed to help you protect your image work copyright without any undue and unsolicited infringement.


How and Where to Watermark Your Photos Free Online
There are tons of free image and photo watermark-adding and editing software program online that you can use with ease, but the simplest free watermark pictures creator I have always used is the

To watermark your image at

Step 1: Upload your Image and Photo
Grab and upload your photos from online ( or, or or directly from your computer. On picmarkr watermark creator, you can upload and water mark upto 5 images at once. You may also want to resize your uploaded pictures by 500, 800 or 1024 pixels as it suites your need

Step 2: Select Any Watermark Format
You may choose from any of the three popular watermark features format which include text, image or the tiled watermark format

Step3: Get and Download Your Watermarked Images
After selecting from your preferred watermark format, then your watermarked image should be ready for download instantly

Getting Image Traffic From With Picmarkr Watermarked Images
You and I know that getting traffic to our website and blogs is vital for the sustainance of our online web properties, so you can piggyback on pickmarkr and ultimate flickr by leveraging on its organic image search traffic when you directly link to your account or better still your yahoo logins.

Post Summary
To create a free watermark on all your images, photos and pictures, upload your image, apply your watermark format and download your watermarked image.

Lets me know what you think, please feel free to share your experience with other free quality watermark photo creating software program online

Top 9 Free Online Apps For Increasing Typing Speeds and Accuracy

Zoom On With Your Typing Speed and Accuracy

In today’s fast-changing world, increasing your typing speed is an absolute necessity and a variety of online applications are available, to help you achieve that. A good typing speed will enable you to match the quick pace of today’s generation, so that you do not lag behind and taste failure. It is easy, once you get the hang of the proper technique. The online apps tutor you to upgrade your typing speed, by showing the rules involved in keyboard memorization and also that of the number pad.

  1. helps you to constantly judge your typing speed, and record any improvement whatsoever. The app keeps a tab on the words you type per minute by calculating the WPM (Words Per Minute) in a given set of time, so that you get to realize your shortcomings.
  2. This is a lot like, only here they do not offer you a pre-defined text. This might seem a bit tough, as you are supplied with a series of scrambled words. As you start typing, the app indicates the keys you should press and also the errors are displayed in bold red.
  3. TypeFaster Typing TutorIt is a freeware app that can teach you to type much faster, using the technique of touch typing. There is no need to look at your keyboard, rather first you type and then you can view the formation of the sentences, on your monitor. You will slowly develop the habit, and your typing speed will drastically improve!
  4. How Fast Can You Type The Alphabet: This appears like a simple, basic game, and enables you to learn the positioning of the alphabets on your keyboard and thus upgrades your typing speed level. You will gradually get accustomed to typing on a Qwerty keypad.
  1. Stamina Typing Tutor: This online app helps you to increase your typing speed, by employing both traditional and alternative techniques of typing. The peculiarity which makes it different from other typing softwares is the entertainment factor, and it does not put on a serious tone, and relaxes you with funny sounds, and pictures.
  2. RapidTyping: This app is really interesting and is bound to catch your attention immediately! It is visually impressive, and creates a wonderful environment, to keep you going. It is suitable for learners of all ages and can become addictive with its stunning visuals. The sensational online keyboard makes it easy to concentrate on typing.
  3. Typing Invaders: This is beautifully modeled on the game of Space Invaders, and you can get hooked to it. The fun factor charms you enough to be tempted to use this online app, as a cheerful way to improve your typing speed.
  4. Qwerty Warriors: This online app helps you to get involved by setting a definite goal as you have to stay virtually alive, to continue playing this game or practicing this software This amusing game makes the typist “shoot and kill” his way to survival, along with enhancing his typing speed!
  5. Typeracer: This online app is based on the concept of racing games, where you have to perform well and outrace your online opponents with your typing speed. This also locates your errors and allows you to correct them, as you drive your racing car

How to Unlock Blocked Simcard With Free Universal Simlock Remover Software

have you tried resetting any password protected profile on your phone, and or any other careless blunder that has left your simcard locked? or did you just purchased a new phone and whenever you tried inserting a network operator sim, its end up telling you the usual simlocked prompt command?


Below is a software – simlock remover, that will help you fix this error.

here is the site to download the latest version of simlock remover software from.

Link again


How to Translate a Language Online Using Free Google Translate Translator

I was currently doing a research online earlier today, I stumbled on a spanish based website whose contents has the exact stuffs I need but could not translate the website text contents to english which is my nation preferred language.

I quickly remember Google has a simple but yet intuitive free all language translate translator online. Then hover there and at the end of the day i was able to break non english based contents sites language barrier

How do you use the free google language translator? Its simple. kindly visit

Select from the 65 and above countries languages available e.g from Spanish/French to your own preferred language – English


How to Use Google Translator to Translate a Website Language

Using this G translator feature is equally easy, just copy and paste the website url link into the white space provided at the left hand corner of your the webpage

How to Use Google Text Translation– the same thing equally applies here, just also copy and paste your text into the white space provided

How to Use Google Language Translator Virtual Keyboard
This is a feature that allows you to use online google virtual keyboard to type in your queries or text when trying to translate from your language to any other languages. In each case, simply click on “Translate” after inputting the website link or texts

See Screenshot above for help