How to Make Google to Crawl and Index Your Backlinks Fast Without Blackhat Software Using a Free Gmail Account

Here is of one the easiest salient method on how you can quickly get your backlinks or links quickly indexed effortlessly without having to go through/use complex penguin and panda SEO-unfriendly blackhat techniques with grave consequence. As you know, indexing your backlink(s) is one of the major problems while building backlinks. This is a quick backlink indexing tricks and techniques which will help you index your backlinks you literally build to any of your site(s). It is a really free simple backlink building, crawling and indexing method that works anytime.

This is one of the best secret method and tricks to instantly get your backlinks building effort to pay off. Lots of people are creating and building backlinks that are not crawled and indexed by Google.

One thing for sure is to create and build backlinks to attain juicy Search Engine Rank Positions (SERPs) another thing is to ensure that Google crawl and index it the already created and built links



How To Use Google Gmail Email To Crawl and Index Built Backlinks Free Without Any Crappy Software

For this technique in building and indexing backlinks fast, you need two Gmail Ids.

More will be better. Just send an email from one Gmail Id to another Gmail Id, with all the links you want to get indexed.

You can copy and paste the back links you want to quickly force Google to crawl and index to/from a text file . Now, login to the second Gmail Id and open the email you have received. Since Google CRAWLS Gmail emails, the backlinks will also be crawled.

Hence you have a good chance for getting those links indexed!

I recently discovered this trick when I was sending reports to one of my customers. After a few hours, he was shocked to find out that more than 100 links got indexed by this method. I also did a little amount of research and later found this is happening!

These are what some gurus have to say about this free quick backlinks indexing tricks for getting backlinks crawled and indexed quick. Below are their Reviews

I heard of this a while back. I sent an email with a list of new links I had just made which were not pinged, and shortly thereafter, I did seem to have a jump in traffic and the page I was linking to jumped to the #6 position on the first page of google results for that term. I have not done any linking since and it teeters between 10 and 11 lately. Before I made those links it constantly jumped around the first 4 pages of results. Whether or not they actually got indexed from that email I cannot say for sure one way or the other. Maybe we can try google docs and google notebook, who knows google will also crawl them too?


didn’t know backlinks indexing through gmails before …..heard about google crawling gmail inbox from Ryan Deiss 13 sneaky email marketing tactics course.This course was about adwords. Example: when you send an email to your friend discussing about insurance plans, then insurance quote related adwords ads will appear around your gmail inbox

This New Back links Crawling and Indexing By Google WORKS

I bought a new domain name on sunday. Submit it to a few stats websites for quick idexing yesterday morning..the only pages that were indexed as of 10:55am this morning were the contact page and disclaimer. And for my main targeted keyword….mysite was ranked 14th on google.

After reading this post this morning, I applied it.11:13AM this morning….a while ago 3:15PM I did a search, bammmmm……4 more pages were indexed and my site is now ranked 4!!!!!!!

So it goes to show this works!!


Happy quick backlinks building, creating, crawling and indexing. At least, using this fast link building strategy, you are sure of having your links visible to google engine bot. Lets share the knowledge with friends