Top 2 Simple Ways to Share a Laptop Wifi/LAN Internet Connection

From experience and research I know a vast majority of internet users especially non computer or internet savvy techie have problems trying to do a simple internet connection sharing with friends in school, in office or even with family at home.

With this simple Wifi and LAN internet connection sharing post, you are going to learn windows XP and Windows 7 wireless internet connection sharing. If your laptop has inbuilt or external wireless (WI-FI) device you can use it to share your internet  with as many pc users that you want within the Wifi signal reach range

My 2 Top Free Easy-to-use Software for Internet Connection Sharing over Wifi and LAN

1. Connectify
2. Virtual Access Point (VAP)

I dont want to bug you with any daunting PC set-up or configuration terms and language, the easiest way to go is download either Virtual Access Point or Connectify Virtual Access Point

I am going to assign each of the software simple set-up guide to each of the two operating systems

Windows 7 Wireless Internet Connection Sharing Tips  Using Connectify

Download connectify pro software full free download version Click here

After a successful download, run and install the software. Name your Hotspot and set a password for it. Select the internet connection you intend sharing from


Select connection type Wifi/LAN from the “Advance” tab

Then select “Security Mode” as Ad-Hoc, WEP

After successfully setting up your connectify software, then open “Properties” of your internet connection. Click on Sharing, tick any of the following boxes as seen in the image snapshot below


Windows XP WiFi/LAN Internet Connection Sharing Tips using VAP Software

Download and run Virtual Access point full free version Click Here

After successful installation of the Virtual Access Point Software (VAP), click on the tab “Share My Internet”

Thereafter, you will need to select the internet connection that you want to share from, then select the LAN/Wireless link as seen in the image snapshot below


Assuming you are using Airtel internet connection service and you need to share  it with frinds, love ones or relations over your Wifi/LAN device, after configuring your VAP internet sharing software above, you are going to need to click and open the Airtel internet connection sharing, click “properties”, then click “Sharing” button, tick the three boxes bearing

“Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection”

Select, “Wireless internet connection” from the drop down menu

Establish a dial-up connection whenever a computer on my network attempts to access the internet”

Lastly, tick untick “Allow network users to control or disable the shared internet connection” as it pleases you

Then click “Start Sharing

Please see the 2nd image above for guide

Other important Wi-fi Connection Sharing tools includes

  • Wi-Fi AP discovery tools
  • Wi-fi connection managers
  • Wi-fi raw packet capture tools
  • wi-fi traffic analyzers
  • Vowifi traffic and Qos analyzers
  • Wi-fi predictive planning tools
  • wi-fi site survey heatmapping tools
  • Bluetooth security tools
  • Mobile Wi-fi spectrum analyzers
  • Wi-fi endpoint security clients
  • Wi-fi intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • wi-fi vulnerability scanners and assessment toolkits

and they all and many more can be gotten from this site

Dial-up Tutorial: How to Set up and Configure Dial up Internet Access Connection Settings

There are various ways of establishing and connecting a computer system to the internet via internet service providers. This could be broadband internet access service or dial up internet access service.

The former which is now widely used by so many people across the globe is the cheapest source of internet connection access

Meaning of Modem Dial up Internet Access Connection

According to Wikipedia, Being referred to as dial-up internet access a form of internet access that uses the facilities of the public switched telephone network to establishinternet-APN a dialed connection to an internet service provider via telephone lines

The user’s computer or router uses an attached modem to encode and decode internet protocol packets and control information into and from analogue audio frequency signals.

Configuring Your Modem and Computer(Router) for a Dial-up Internet Access Connection

The purpose of this simple dial up connection setting up process is to show you easy tips and tricks on how you can easily configure your unlocked usb modem by any network operator (telecommunication) internet service using a standard dial up number alongside respective network internet service provider.

Things you need to Set up a Dial-up Internet connection on your USB Modems

Using MTN internet service and modem as case study – I will only use MTN network as an example during the course of my explanation here, all of these tutorial settings is applicable to all network operators or internet service providers.

1. Access Point Name (APN)
2. Access Number
3. Username Name
4. Password

Method 1: Setting Up Dial up Internet connection via Usb Modem Graphic User Interface (GUI)

Be your usb modem hauwei or zte model, everything among usb modems when it comes to setting up its internet connection protocol are the same – all work on dial up internet service platform

To configure your own USB modem, install your network operator software/driver; this normally come pre-loaded into all usb modem and automatically run this installation by itself upon insertion into a usb port on your computer(router)

After being installed, you will need to launch the GUI and input these following settings

Select Dynamic or Static, you can use any name to create this dialup internet connection profile settings e.g MTN Internet Access

Access Number: *99#
Username: web
Password: web

Under the “Authentication Protocol SettingsCHAP is always preferred over PAP Leave every other protocol settings blank

This Dial-up internet connection set up page from your modem can be accessed via the GUI by clicking

Tools> select Option> and select Profile Management

Underneath, you would see this peculiar Dialup internet access setting page stated above

Method 2: Using your Default PC Internet Properties Connection Tab

Apart from directly setting up your usb modem, you can also do this by clicking

Start (Windows icon)> Select Control Panel > Click Network and Internet > Click Internet Options > select Connections tab

From here, you would see all Dial-up and Virtual Network settings

To create a new dial up internet connection setting, simply click on “Add

And a new dial up settings window will pop up as seen from the image below, select “Dial-up” and not Wireless or Broadband (PPPoE)


a range of modem will show up, select the one you have already plugged in. As for my own case, I selected the HAUWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Modem profile

After selecting that a new page will pop up. This is the main Dial-up setting page where we are to input our individual network operator dail up settings and codes

What you will be seeing from this page is same thing as what you had seen from your usb modem GUI. Its include

1. Dial-up Phone Number:
2. User name:
3. Password:

You may tick “show characters” and “Remember this Password” its all up to you.

After creating and establishing an active connection, simply click connect. See image below on how I inputted the right settings and what yours should also be.

Dial-up _Internet_access

Please kindly note that each network operta;or dial-up settings varies, you may have to contact your internet service provider for this or simply go to their websites and get their APN, username and password.

The Dial up is standard and more often than not, *99# is used.

This is just a simple Dial-up internet access and connection setting tutorial (help). Please kindly help to share this with your friend who also uses the internet, he/she may be having difficulties connecting his PC to the internet. Lets share this knowledge

Lets me know if you need further help on this, i will kindly research and share my findings with you.

Till then, keep browsing and surfing the internet.