LG 55lm7610 3D HD Smart TV Features And Review

55lm7610 Review – A Tv You Can’t Keep Your Eyes off From

Television is no doubt the best mode of entertainment for any person of any age, living anywhere on the planet. You can at anytime switch on the television and get glued to your favorite TV shows or catch a movie. Time is indeed going by easily and you don’t get bored.

55lm7610 review of the new television from LG is making news these days and all because of the great features that it has brought to the its users.

Intuitive Design and Built Up

It has taken the viewing experience on the television to a completely new level. The TV is definitely one of the finest products that the company has ever showcased in the world. A combination of mind whopping technologies and an elegant, eye pleasing design. The Television is worth every single penny that is spent on it.


Free Flickr 3D Glasses

According to most 55lm7610 reviews, the TV presents a complete new 3D experience to the viewers in the 2D virtual world. With flicker free 3D glasses that require no batteries and is light weight. 3D watching was never so comfortable. LG 55lm 3D Smart Tv is  just another technical marvel from LG.

Sound Zooming

It is like you are between whatever is taking place in your television. Along with 3D depth control and 3D sound zooming, TV really never got so close up to reality. No frame ensures that your viewing is not obstructed in any possible way. LG 3D TV review generally fair well down in the past too. It indeed one of the top smart 3D HD TV out there that has almost all-in-one features that a modern day Tv should should

Magic Remote

Apart from uplifting the 3D level that is available in the other counterparts of the TV in the market, this television from LG provides with whole lots of other features too. It would really not exaggerate to call the remote of the TV “Magic Remote” due to its various unique features.

Youtube and Wireless Display

Search over YouTube that you want to watch now you need not compromise over the limited options available on Television. Connect your laptop via Wireless Display to PC, no internet or wire is required whatsoever.

USB and PC Connectivity 

Sharing is also supported across various devices like USB memory, PC, Phone etc. LG TV reviews have always been good but this one is indeed above the competition.

The display of the Television is also crystal clear and comes with Spot control technology that ensures realistic contrast and deep colors. The display also boasts of providing the best of the class colors and sharpness and all that by saving power thereby proving out to be quite environmentally friendly too.


The resolution supported by the TV is 1920×1080 and that is more than sufficient to let you view the videos in high quality that you wish for.

All with all LG TV reviews prove that this TV from LG is one technical wonder that you would never regret to go for. Equipped with all the latest technology available and state of the art design, it fulfils everything that you can desire of from a TV. The Television is indeed worth every single penny that you spend on buying it. Therefore,  don’t hesitate once you have made up your mind to go for it.

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