Latest Glo 3G PC Free Browsing Cheats, Tricks and Internet Browsing Settings Codes

Here is the latest working pc free browsing codes and tricks with glo sims on mobile phones and PC (computer systems) with or without using software.

Normally, the most common free browsing codes cheats that works especially on PC and mobile phones usually require some codes free browsing softwares like Indian Web Proxy, Proximotron, Your-Freedom client etc. but as for the case of this latest free browsing cheats, you use it direct with or without proxies

This free browsing tricks is very simple and handy to use, i will be using mobile phones and PC as a case studies during my course of explanation of this free browsing cheats.

Things you Might need to enjoy this hot free browsing tricks include
1. Mobile Phones – e.g nokia phones, sony ericsson, ipad, ipod touch or iphones plus other browsable mobile gadgets preferably with opera browsers installed for better free browsing experience on your mobile devices
2. PC – this free browsing settings and codes works on your Desktop computer or laptops either direct or indirect using softwares
3. Glo simcard
4. GLo 3G Plus or MTN or Etisalat or Airtel usb modems (hauwei or Zte usb modems) if you would want to browse and surf the internet free on your PC, though mobile phones can also be used, but the speed is much more better when its when using usb 3g modems.

The Latest Glo Free Browsing codes, Tricks and Settings
The glo free browsing settings trick is easy and simple. Just use this internet browsing settings configuration codes.

APN (Access Point) – glosecure
Username – wap
Password – wap
Dial Up Number or Access Number – *99# (For those that need the free browsing on PC)

How to Configure Your USB Modem with the Glo Free Browsing Settings
Click on Tools, from your modem usb User interface on your PC desktop, click on Profile Management and input the following USB 3G Dial-UP settings as follows

Profile Name – Use anything e.g GLO 3G Plus
APN tick Static and input – glosecure

Under the authentication Tab, input this settings
Access Number – *99#
Username – wap
Password – wap

and click OK when you are done inputing your internet browsing configuration set up

NOTE About the Free Browsing Codes Settings above.

You will observe that the only alteration there is that, the default glo paid subscription internet browsing settings has been manipulated. its supposed to APN glosecure, Username and Password gprs likewise APN glogwap while username and password is supposed to be wap respectively

So i am sure glo is having bug issues on their server, that is why their internet subscription settings codes is being taken advantage of by smart free internet browsing gurus.

Please i am not a free browsing hacking tech guy, i dont do free browsing, i used paid subscription i just came across this online, i tried it and it works fine for me so i decided to share with you. so please dont bug me for future free browsing when glo internet brpwsing firewalls is upgraded and the free browsing settings get blocked.

Another Ways to Get Free Browsing Subcription Bandwidth and Browse Free With you Glo Sim Cards.

This is not actually free browsing, but its like a free browsing subscription legally given by Globacom mobile network upon recharge made. I dont know glo is not making this great free browsing promo public

Codes To Access the Secret Free Browsing Subscription Promo

Dial 124, then press 1 to listen to your free browsing promo bandwidth, its usually called in kilobytes then convert the browsing subscription data to Megabytes then from megabytes to Gigabytes so that you know how many Gigs or MBs you are having

Tricks to Make the Globacom Mobile Free Browsing Promo Subscription Work
Configure your phone or PC usb modem with this settings
APN – glosecure
Username – gprs
Password – gprs
Access Number – *99#

free browsing codes tricks settings

Hope you make good use of this hot glo free browsing settings amd codes while its last before its get blocked.

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