Trick to Enjoy Cheap and Big Gigabytes With Glo BIS on All 3G Data Card Modems and Smartphone Devices

If you use globacom Blackberry Internet Subscription (BIS) on your backberry smartphone device or you don’t use a blackberry phone but would also want to enjoy relatively cheap PC internet subcription plan like others are currently doing then you will find this post very useful

Lets go straight to the point and hit the nail on the head with no fluffs except the real meat, I mean the real content that your heart cheerfully desire at this moment


To enjoy this cheap cyberspace connection access with large volume of gigabytes on your deskop and laptop, you are going to need to subscribe for any of the GLO BIS that best suites your browsing needs. As for me I chose to opt in for the 3Gig plan that cost me N1400. Gosh! did I hear you say this is damn great “awufu”? sure it’s, this 3Gig bandwidth would only have been alloted to you if you had subscribed with N4000 or so

How to Easily Connect to Any GLO Blackberry Internet Subscription Plan

Subscribe to any of the glo bis plan by sending any of the subscription code to triple seven – 777


To signup for GLO BIS of 3Gig Monthly Plan
simply text “comonth” to 777 it cost N1400

To signup for GLO 3Gig BIS Monthly Plan
simply text “somonth” to 777 it cost N1200

To Optin for GLO 700MB BIS Weekly Plan
simply send “coweek” in a text to 777 it cost N400

To a get complete lists of glo blackberry plan and activation code, check

How to Set Up Your 3g Data Card Modems With GLO BIS
After successfully subscribing for any of the BIS plan of your choice, you are going to need to configure your usb modem by creating a new blackberry profile via GUI

carefully input these settings into your modems

Profile: MediaTechBlog
Username & Password: Leave both spaces empty
Access Number: *99#

Click Ok and exit

Relaunch your modem GUI and select from the drop down menu “MediaTechBlog” then click “Connect” tab

If you don’t know how to get your usb modem Graphic User interface (GUI) and input the settings stated above, read this post

If your hauwei or zte 3g data card modems have not been unlocked, get your modem unlocking code here free

Please I don’t entertain calls and text messages relating to anything “usb modems and browsing”, if you need me for whatsoever, simply comment below I will try to respond

How to configure your Android Smartphone and iOS Devices

This browsing tricks works also on iPad, iPhone, samsung galaxy, HTC, all tablets devices, non-smart mobile phones etc.

Just go over to wireless & networks or connectivity or internet configuration profile or anything relating to internet settings on your mobile devices and input the trick above.

Accessing and Using the New Glo BIS Activation Code Should any Necessity Arise 

If you are having problems getting your glo line subscribed for any of the BIS plan kindly call GLO customer care on 121 and request for the other method for activating you blackberry, they will ask you few questions or none and give you any of the each of the corresponding activation code.

For instance when I was trying to activate the Glo N1400 3Gig at the initial time, my phone showing that the bis activation process was pending, after the much over-waiting, I called their customer care rep. and I was given a new activation for glo comonth N1400 3Gig  to dail. This is *777*12#

Immediately I dialed the above code, the subscription activation went easily without anymore issues.

Use the comment to let me know what you think about this relatively cheap bis browsing settings and tricks, and lets me know if you are encountering any issues or problems

MTN Free Browsing Cheat Codes With Unlimited Data Downloads Using BIS Plans With Improved Freegate Dynaweb Proxy Software

Welcome, today i am going to show you the exact step-by-step tutorial guide “mtn cheats” i have been using in browsing the internet absolute free using my mtn simcard, mtn blackbaerry plan and free gate dynaweb software.


Just Imagine this 2.04 Mbps speeds experienced last night while rocking the MTN-freegate-blackberry free browsing trick. You can also see that i have used over 7 Gigs of internet data bandwidth in the past 27 days

Things You Will Need For The Mtn Free Browsing Cheats
1. MTN internet provisioned sim
2. Any 3G Usb or Universal modems
3. Freegate free browsing Proxy Software
4. And of course your PC

Steps For Setting The MTN Free Browsing Tricks & Codes
Step 1:
Ensure your MTN line is internet-service configured, you can learn how to provison your sim here or call 180

Step 2:
Set-up and configure your 3G usb modems as follows
Profile Name: MEDIATECHBLOG or Anything
Access Point (APN):

In Authentication Settings, insert the following settings

Access Number: *99#
Username: web
Password: web

See Screenshot Image for help


Like I have always said, there is no need for any DNS settings, I don’t use it and I have always experience the fastest and best mtn INTERNET connection speed ever

Step: 3
Subscribe your simcard for any of the mtn BlackBerry data plan. I have been using the MTN (BBC) BIS Complete monthly data plan for the past 4 months now. All need do is to insert my mtn simcard into my blackberry phone and sms BBC to 21600. I dont need to wait till i get a confirmation message from mtn before i start crusing the internet.

All I need to check is if my account balance has been debited 1500 naira, if yes, I remove my simcard and insert it into my modem sim tray, and starts rocking the internet on the go

How To TroubleShoot MTN BIS Subscription Issues

If after loading the 1500, and you are getting insufficient balance messages, check your account again, they would have removed 1 – 5 naira, so load N100 extra to avoid the daunting hassle – MTN will always suck, no matter how hard they try

you can check out for a complete monthly, weekly and daily plan of mtn BIS

Download and install Freegate free browsing software from here

Its automatic, just follow the command prompt and install

Configure your browser and applications and start browsing free with unlimited data plan download. You will need to manually configure Moxilla Firefox, Google chrome and Opera will automatically detect Internet explorer settings

Proxy (IP) or localhost
Port Number: 8580

How To Browse Free On PC Using Your-Freedom Software With GLO Mobile Free Working Browsing Cheats and Settings

Free browsing on PC with Your Freedom client software is a censore-free PC bbrowsing thing that that has been around for quite some number of years now. In this free browsing tutorial guide, I am going to show you how to configure your PC and your freedom free browsing softtware using Glo Mobile network carrier.

All you need to do is follow the pictorial screenshots guide below so that you can configure yours(YF client and GLO Modem and Sim Card) like the way i did mine.

freedom servers

To enjoy this recently working YF and GLO PC free browsing settings, you need to have a your-freedom client software installed on your computer and also a USB modem or Mobile phone with PC suite installed e.g Nokia 5300 with nokia suite, incase you can not afford a 3G usb modem which is relatively cheap this days.

Firstly, Install the latest version of your freedom client software on your PC. You can get the latest version of YF client and download from (12.95MB) OR (2.03MB) for those that prefer to install the smaller file-size but requires Java Runtime to work

After successful download, lauch and run the freedom client softare excution file and install. After successful installation, follow these next steps outlined below

How to Setup and Configure Your-Freedom Client To Browse Free on A Network Operator e.g GLO Mobile NG (PC Free Browsing Cheats Setting)

To Configure and setup your-freedom client, Just lauch the already installed YF icon from your desktop. Click on Configure tab, Under Server connection, use the image screen shot below to input the various settings as required


Please dont forget to fill in your username and password under the account information and details tab. You can get a free user account when you sign up with you may want to upgrade to premium so as to afford yourself unlimited freedom surfing bandwidth by paying a subcription fee at their site

server port settings


After successful setting and configuration of your freedom software, just simply save and exit, dont connect yet go and configure your usb modem internet connection settings and web browsers first

How to Configure Glo Sim to Browse Free on Your Freedom software
This settings is very easy and straight forward. All you need so is lauch your usb modem e.g Glo 3G usb modem. Thereafter click on Tools, Follow by Options then select Profile management.

The recently working glo free browsing Access Point (APN) cheat is glosecure, glosecure and glogwap started working immediately glomms was blocked.

You can leave username and password to be blank, as for the Access Point number use *99# Click Ok and Save

How To Configure Moxilla Firefox Browser With Your Freedom(YF) Browsing Cheats
After successful configuration of your freedom software and your glo 3G internet settings, you will need to configure your web browser e.g Moxilla Firefox so that the free browsing changes can take effect. You need to configure moxilla for localhost internet configuration like this

select Options, then Advanced, then Network follow by Settings. Under the moxilla internet connection settings, configure the proxies to access the internet by Selecting or Ticking Manual Proxy Configuration then input or localhost and Port 8080
into each of the tabs highlighted and click OK to save


With this you are good to browsing free on your PC using your-freedom client software with Glo Ng free browsing cheat settings. Please lets us know what you think about this free browsing cheats and settings code, use the comment below to share your opinion

Latest Glo 3G PC Free Browsing Cheats, Tricks and Internet Browsing Settings Codes

Here is the latest working pc free browsing codes and tricks with glo sims on mobile phones and PC (computer systems) with or without using software.

Normally, the most common free browsing codes cheats that works especially on PC and mobile phones usually require some codes free browsing softwares like Indian Web Proxy, Proximotron, Your-Freedom client etc. but as for the case of this latest free browsing cheats, you use it direct with or without proxies

This free browsing tricks is very simple and handy to use, i will be using mobile phones and PC as a case studies during my course of explanation of this free browsing cheats.

Things you Might need to enjoy this hot free browsing tricks include
1. Mobile Phones – e.g nokia phones, sony ericsson, ipad, ipod touch or iphones plus other browsable mobile gadgets preferably with opera browsers installed for better free browsing experience on your mobile devices
2. PC – this free browsing settings and codes works on your Desktop computer or laptops either direct or indirect using softwares
3. Glo simcard
4. GLo 3G Plus or MTN or Etisalat or Airtel usb modems (hauwei or Zte usb modems) if you would want to browse and surf the internet free on your PC, though mobile phones can also be used, but the speed is much more better when its when using usb 3g modems.

The Latest Glo Free Browsing codes, Tricks and Settings
The glo free browsing settings trick is easy and simple. Just use this internet browsing settings configuration codes.

APN (Access Point) – glosecure
Username – wap
Password – wap
Dial Up Number or Access Number – *99# (For those that need the free browsing on PC)

How to Configure Your USB Modem with the Glo Free Browsing Settings
Click on Tools, from your modem usb User interface on your PC desktop, click on Profile Management and input the following USB 3G Dial-UP settings as follows

Profile Name – Use anything e.g GLO 3G Plus
APN tick Static and input – glosecure

Under the authentication Tab, input this settings
Access Number – *99#
Username – wap
Password – wap

and click OK when you are done inputing your internet browsing configuration set up

NOTE About the Free Browsing Codes Settings above.

You will observe that the only alteration there is that, the default glo paid subscription internet browsing settings has been manipulated. its supposed to APN glosecure, Username and Password gprs likewise APN glogwap while username and password is supposed to be wap respectively

So i am sure glo is having bug issues on their server, that is why their internet subscription settings codes is being taken advantage of by smart free internet browsing gurus.

Please i am not a free browsing hacking tech guy, i dont do free browsing, i used paid subscription i just came across this online, i tried it and it works fine for me so i decided to share with you. so please dont bug me for future free browsing when glo internet brpwsing firewalls is upgraded and the free browsing settings get blocked.

Another Ways to Get Free Browsing Subcription Bandwidth and Browse Free With you Glo Sim Cards.

This is not actually free browsing, but its like a free browsing subscription legally given by Globacom mobile network upon recharge made. I dont know glo is not making this great free browsing promo public

Codes To Access the Secret Free Browsing Subscription Promo

Dial 124, then press 1 to listen to your free browsing promo bandwidth, its usually called in kilobytes then convert the browsing subscription data to Megabytes then from megabytes to Gigabytes so that you know how many Gigs or MBs you are having

Tricks to Make the Globacom Mobile Free Browsing Promo Subscription Work
Configure your phone or PC usb modem with this settings
APN – glosecure
Username – gprs
Password – gprs
Access Number – *99#

free browsing codes tricks settings

Hope you make good use of this hot glo free browsing settings amd codes while its last before its get blocked.

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