Steps to Legally Get and Grab Shutterstock, Istockphotos and Fotolia Copyright Images and Photos

Getting royalty and copyright free images is now made easy without having to bother yourself over copyright issues whatsoever, just with the following steps

Step 1
Go to any of the premium images and photos hosting site (Fotolia, Istock photos, shutterstock photos or any other of your choice)


Step 2
Find and select any images or photos of your choice from any of your favorite stocks websites(that is the one bearing the copyright)

Step 3
After successful searching of any image(s) of your choice, simply copy the photo tumbnail. After copying the tumbnail crop it with any image editing tool you have (e.g or the one that came with your PC)

Step 4
Go to and upload the picture of the tumnail or copy and paste its url link. Tineye will search all of the web for similar images and give you many results of the images or photos you want.

With this method, you won’t run into having premium images and photos being hosted online copyright problems.