Make Fast Ads-Free Facebook Timeline Cover Pictures Online

Its always good to have the best quality and well customized and personlized cover images and pictures for your facebook timeline profile

Timeline cover simply means front page or cover image that is used on your new facebook account profile in repeating manner to show exactly what you or your fanpage simply represent in a nutshell upon being viewed by your facebook friends and fanpage fans online.

That is why is always better you use conventional or collage photos as your cover images so that people can easily get clue of what you and your brand represent in the social network platform at all times

Making your own fb timeline cover photo is easy, using the free simple, fast and quality fb timeline cover picture maker and creator available online, though there are tons of fb timeline cover up picture maker online, my preferred easy-to-use choice is the free FB Profile Covers


Steps to Creating Free Fast FB Timeline Cover Picture For your Facebook Profile

To create your own facebook, Goto Free FB Timeline Cover Picture Maker

Select the “Preview Personal Covers” button then select your own unique free timeline cover template appropriate for you. You may also want to use the free collage photos

Then click on “Shuffle Photos

And lastly click “Make My Cover” at the instance of clicking this, your timeline image cover should be ready

What is the New Facebook Timeline Image Size?
The standard facebook timeline image cover dimension in size is 851 X 315 pixels, and the free tools usually take care of this size automatically for upon download or direct linking with your facebook profile, so you dont have to worry doing this image conversion manually by yourself

Final Thoughts
This free timeline cover maker is so good as  its ads and watermark-free, What do you think? lets me know your favourite best choice of free FB timeline cover maker online

Does Facebook Make money? – Find Out Shocking Top Ways How Facebook makes Money

If really does makes when its services is almost free to its users, then how does facebook makes the money? what an illusive simple question and answers?

Its true that makes money but many that are curious are still yet to know the may truth behind how facebook makes money online. Facebook still remain the number most visited website in my country while is second.

facebook revenue source

This is something opposite when its comes to world global site ranking according to, Google still remains the number one most visited website in the world, while is second most visited website in the whole wide world

With an estimated $2 billion in revenue last year and expectations set to nearly double that number this year, many wonder how a free service makes money. The games are huge and with the recent complete switch to Facebook Credits for in-game merchandise, that’s definitely a part of it. Yet, advertisers are able to hyper-target us in ways never truly seen.

While most industry insiders have a firm grasp on Facebook’s monetization models, most people still don’t understand how Facebook makes money. For those that still don’t know how Facebook makes money, we thought we’d take the opportunity to break down Facebook’s various revenue streams including past and future streams of revenue.

Does Facebook Makes Money Simple Question And Answer ?

Does Facebook Makes Money, If yes how does facebooks money? simple question that deserve simple answer – Yes facebook truely makes money, and facebook make money with three main sources.

1. Facebook Advertising
2. Facebook Gifts – Facebook Gifts shops
3. Facebook Apps. (Applications)

To read the whole article and watch the video and discover the top three (3) secrets of how Facebook makes money read this main preceeding post here – Top Secret Sources how Facebook Makes Money Online

Infographics on How Facebook Does Make Money

infographics on how facebook makes money

Facebook Revenue Secrets – Discover How Facebook Makes Money

facebook revenue sourcedoes facebook make money?, If yes how? learn how an internet self made millionaire, mark zuckerberg – facebook boss and his team keep on generating endless  money on autopilot from the world no 1 social networking site –

How does Facebook make money? It is actually a much easier process than you might expect! Given the enormous size of it could be something very complex, but it is actually quite simple.

The 3 Major Revenue Source For Facebook

Basically, Facebook makes money with 3 main things:
1. Advertising or Facebook ads
2. Gifts
3. Applications

1. Facebook Ads: This is definitely leading in this way that Facebook makes money. Last year Facebook collected revenues in the hundreds of millions from advertisers! even as the year goes by they will still keep making the money

Where are these facebook advertisements? Most of them are on the right side of the screen when you are logged in. Companies and organizations to promote almost anything on Facebook, of upcoming races and charity events for rings or jewelry car insurance.

Why are so many people willing to pay millions of dollars to Facebook for advertising? How does Facebook make money hand over fist from these companies? Because they can target the exact demographics they want! so facebook relies on its users data status and demographic details, this is one of the main reasons why their ads is so targeted.

For example, if a dentist office wants new customers, they can target people within the closest 10 miles of their city.

Or, if a life insurance company aims to target people aged 55 years, he can easily target it with innovative facebook ads.By targeting just the right people, companies are easily able to reach the future customers they want the most. Many companies make millions of dollars years simply because of their Facebook ads, which tend to convert very well

2. Facebook Gifts: This is another way that Facebook brings in money. Have you ever sent a gift for a friend for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or anything else? This costs a small amount each time you one, but added 500 – 600 million people if you can send the gifts! This is a relatively small species is that Facebook generates money.

3. Facebook Applications: Have you ever heard of a little game called FarmVille? I’m guessing you have, since it has tens of millions of players across the world.

How does Facebook make money from applications? Well, made the same applications in general, by other companies.

For example, Zynga is the company that created FarmVille, Cafï World, Mafia Wars, and many other games. They basically rent space on Facebook, go to games, then have to pay Facebook to do it.

This is another major way that Facebook makes money.

With millions of players in these games (and other applications), you know, Facebook must store a lot of money for this niche

The Top Secret To How Facebook Makes Money which is FB ads is achieved via facebook user data – Facebook makes money from user’s data displaying online ads to users base on their demographics, interests, gender, likes, etc.

If you have been curious about facebook revenue source, i am sure this article has answer your How does Facebook makes money question? so this is exactly how facebook makes money.

Featured Youtube Video On How Facebook Makes Money Online With Free Users Account