Color Code Conversion – Rbg to Hex and Hex to Rgb Color Chart, Code and Meaning

RGB and Hex Defination

The name RGB (rgb) is coined from the three (3) primary colors which are red, green and blue, hence, rgb simply means red, green and blue.

Hex is simply means Hexadecimal format of web colors that are used in designing web pages and graphics, as a blogger, programmer,  graphics and website designer and software apps coder, you will find this color coding useful


Html Color codes converter For Graphics and Html Webpages

With the most popular color name, red, green and blue which are simply abbreviated as RGB colours, you can use varying free online color converter to convert you from hex color code to RGB color code and from RGB to Hex vice versa to give you the hexadecimal values of your RGB colours

so if you are webmaster, a blogger, graphics designer, internet marketer etc. you can form and create your own custom color code and use it prepare your graphics and HTML web pages.

Types of Color Coding Format Conversion

  1. rgb to rgb color code conversion
  2. rgb to hex color code conversion
  3. hex to hex color code conversion
  4. hex to rgb color code conversion

The two (2) main ways of converting html webpages and graphics from one form to another when working with color code online are RGB to Hex and Hex to RGB vice versa. RGB (red, green and blue) to rgb and from hex (Hexadecimal) to hex color format
Free Hex to RGB and RGB to Hex Color Code Converter Tool Online

Click here for simple, easy and quick Free Html Color code Converter Tool Online for converting RBG to RGB and from RGB to Hex colors Vice Versa

Web Safe Colors
There are standard 256 displaying colors of 216 are safest web colors. it was also selected because it allows exactly six equally-spaced shades of red, green, and blue (6 × 6 × 6 = 216), each from 00 to FF (including both limits)

Html color Name, Chart, Table and Meaning


More Standard Web-Safe Color Code Chart



This lists of color charts and table contain over 300+ (plus) RGB to Hex converted safe standard web color name, code and meaning


You can learn more in details about Web colors from

Free Html Color Codes Picker and Generator Online

Easy Html Color Coding Picker and Generator Tools

Are you a webmaster, programmer or blogger that frequently makes use of html color scheme(s). Below is one of the best simplest colour code generator website online for forming html background colour codes

Check out the site, and make use of its free colour coding and painting feautures that will automatically be converted from the clour paint format to colour coding format that can be used on your website(s) and blog(s) templates


Not only will you learn html colour coding with its free tutorials, but also html codes format and meaning of html color code symbols

here are example of simple html colour codes format and symbols meaning

HTML colour codes for web site background color:

<body style=”background:#80BFFF”>

HTML color codes for setting font/text color:

<span style=”color:#80BFFF”>

HTML color codes for table background color:

<table style=”background:#80BFFF”>

HTML color code for link color:

<a style=”color:#80BFFF”>

The above  html codes for colors tutorials as available in the official site above can also teach newbies the basics of colour coding

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