We Need Broadband, Not ‘Plug “N” Pray’ Internet Modem Connection

This statement sound strange but it is truly not. Gone are the days when people will have to struggle a lot before they could access the internet, but the story has now changed. Not that a changed state, because people are still praying for broadband internet even till this moment and the story has never changed. The only thing that has changed is that, people can now enjoy the internet more than how it was two to five years ago.

Governments of all levels have campaigned on providing good speed and high standard internet connection but few of those promises have been meet. So, we are now saying, we need broadband internet connection. The one that can serve our internet connection needs and not the one that will give us more problems. We need broadband internet connection that will make it easier for an average man on the street to be able to surf the world tirelessly.  We need good broadband internet access that will enable us to download free apps for ringtones on our computer or mobile devices. We need good internet setup that will bring ease to our mode of living.

We need a broadband internet access that will be useful for streaming videos and music online like how some parts of the world have been doing. We need an internet connection that is capable of giving fast speed internet download capabilities; the speed that can stream, download, and make it easier for people to execute tasks in a jiffy.

But, if the government and ISPs companies cannot provide us good broadband experience, what shall we do to control the situation? Because of this question is why this article is being written by me to give you a better idea of what you must do and what you mustn’t try to do at all in order to make your internet connection fail you when you needed it most.

In this article, I shall be talking on some things you can be doing that will help your internet connection conditions and not to destroy it.

Limit or Stop Sharing With Other People without reasons       

The last thing I’d expect you to do with your broadband internet connection is sharing with just anyhow you like. You need to have good habit of sharing your internet connection setup with other people because if don’t, people will misuse the opportunity and turn your internet connection setup into something awkward for you.

The best way to avoid that is to limit how people can have access to your internet connection, be it wireless or analogue setup. You just have to limit how your router shares connection with other computers around your home, office or anywhere ever.  You can program your wireless router to limit how people can connect to your wireless connection setup, and likewise, you can manually add new users to your connection by disabling your router’s broadcasting feature to make the connection private to you.


Disable automatic updates on your computer

There’s nothing else in the world that can make you to have bad internet connectivity experience than installing many add-ons on your web browser. Having a lot of add-ons installed on your browser is a great sign that you might definitely have a bad internet connection experience sooner, even if not consistently.

Reduce browser add-ons

There’s one thing that I’ve come to realized throughout the time I’ve spent online as a computer expert, and that thing is the effect of browser add-ons on user’ internet experience. Addons reduces your chances of getting better internet experience and any serious computer geek should try as much as possible to avoid having many add-ons installed.

How to remove browser Addons from browsers?

I guess you were trying to ask me how you can remove add-ons from your browser. Don’t worry much because I’m going to explain them below step by steps:

For Mozilla Firefox:

Click on the Menu option and then navigate to where you will see Add-ons. Open the add-ons    option and then remove every single add-on that cannot add value to the browser’s functionality.

For Google Chrome:

From the spanner-like icon at the top right hand section of the browser, select “options” from that dropdown menu and choose “settings”. After that is done, at the right hand side of the screen, you will notice three fold-up clickable links, select “Extensions” from the links and there you go. From all extension lists, remove or disable each ones that you do not want to be on your computer and then close the popup window. Restart your browser and start enjoying the internet once again!

This is how to make your broadband internet connection perform excellently and forget giving yourself problems with bad ISP’s experiences. Thanks for reading

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