Top Biggest CPA Firms and Companies in the CPA Industry to Follow

Below are top best rated CPA website/resources you should consider visiting if you are in the CPA industry or you intend considering be into the CPA business model niche


AffPaying is basically a CPA networks review website.Affpaying contains a huge list of over 700+ CPA networks. All the reviews on AffPaying are made by Affiliates and No fake comments are allowed there!AffPaying is one of its kind and and truely a Legit CPA network review website!

CPAfix is a forum which is only for people related to CPA Industry! CPAfix is a community of CPA networks, CPA marketers, etc….On CPAFix you’ll find many tips, case studies,strategies,etc related to CPA industry and people are very helpful over there as well

3. is just like Fiverr but the cool part about imgigz is that there you will find every type of gigs totally related to IM Industry. There you won’t find gig(s) like I’ll dance for you, or I will say happy birthday. There are gigs which are just for CPA Internet Marketers

Lukepeerfly is one of the top rated CPA blog platform which is maintained by Luke Kling. Luke posts showcase lots of Case Studies,tips,etc and lots of helpful posts to help someone get started! On this blog you will find mainly PAID strategies of PPC,PPV,etc

Affdaily is a sister site of Affpaying. Affdaily is a news aggregator.Affdaily aggregates posts, latest articles from websites/blogs which are related to CPA industry or are Helpful for the CPA Industry people

Performinsider is a superb website. It is like Industries NEWSPAPER where you will see many news which you might have never expected to see.

Money Names – How to Make Real Money Of Premium Top Level Domain Names (INFOGRAPHICS)

Just like the contemporary stock market money goldmine, names of money from domain name niche is by far one of the smartest millionaire fastlane way to hit up the ground running with mega wads of cash if applied well.

Smart domain names should sell for millions in near future if carefully chosen


Just take a look at these top premium domain names being sold in the last 1 year

1. ($1,000,000)
2. ($550,000)
3. ($500,000)
5. ($148,000)

Its no longer news that premium top level domain names that are keyword-rich, short, generic, descriptive, proper names, geographic, industry wide, memorable and brandable “money names” sell well like mad

these are just some of the sharp idealogical ingredients that spice up a domain name from any profitable niche

Top Four (4) Lessons to Make Money Of TLD Names
Carefully study the hot domain names for money infographics trend below as read from



How To Make Money Doing Survey -Top 10 Free International Online Data Entry Job Sites

Top ten free online survey sites that accept anybody across the world. Here in this post, you will find top ten (10) free survey jobs that are internationally friendly. I don’t personally like doing online surveys, i prefer blogging, affiliate marketing and CPA online business. . Just follow these top 10 free online survey sites below, Online surveys that accepts international users across the globe, its my recommendations for you if you are just getting started and want to make some easy quick money online.

For the starters online survey jobs are one of the easiest and best ways to earn money online. The most important thing about this method is that you do not need any kind of experience or technical knowledge other than basic computer skills. One thing I should make clear here,you can not make your living doing online survey jobs. At best you can earn few hundred dollars a month. If you’re looking for making a living online then try other methods. But,this is one of the easiest ways to supplement your family income or earn some cool money online.


All the sites listed here are free to join. It’s really possible to make good income of these sites. And off course they are genuine sites that pay.  Not all the sites listed are for International members. Few are only for U.S. residents. If you think you are smart, you can use a dedicated IP to participate in these free U.S based online survey sites, but please don’t spam

1. Global Test Market – For me they are the best in the business.This should be the first survey site that you sign up with.They pay up to $15 for each market research survey you complete.

2. Cash Crate –Very popular site for earning some cash in the spare time.They pay around $4 per completed survey.Apart from paid surveys you can also earn from participating in the completing offers.It has a lot of earning potential.

3. Treasure Trooper – It’s almost similar site to CashCrate.They do not pay much though,but still a must sign up.

4. Survey Savvy –It’s one of the oldest player in this industry.They are quite impressive in making payments in time.They send survey offers almost daily. Choose the ones that are high paying and interesting for you.

5. Ipsos Survey Panel – They have surveys in many topics.They don’t pay that much per survey but these surveys are short one.

6. Opinion Outpost – Another site that you should try.They give points for completing surveys.And these points can be redeemed to cash.

7. Survey Spot – It’s a cool site.Apart from getting points redeemable to cash for taking surveys you can get rewarded by prize draw entries and spot challenges.

8. Harrispollonline – This is a big survey site.You’ll get surveys in many diverse topics.They reward the members with HI points and sweepstakes.

9. TestSpin – You’ll have to survey about new products, music,videos, websites, and more.They pay up to $4 for taking a survey and $30 to join a focus group.

10. Mindfieldonline – They pay you to participate in interesting opinion research surveys.They offer direct cash reward for completing surveys.

There are many more Data Entry job sites similar to the once listed above. Many people do these survey jobs full time to make more money to settle and foot bills. For part-timers ten to twenty sites are handful. If looking for more online survey and data entry job sites online that are genuine and that truly pays, You can use any of this my favorite sites SimilarSiteSearch and to search for each of the top 10 free online survey and data entry sites.

Hope you enjoyed this post! these are the Top ten free online survey and data entry job sites that are internationally friendly. So go make some quick cash now. If you have other cool honest survey sites like the ones above, please use the comment to share with others

Careful and thorough research has been made by me to put all of these top 10 internationally friendly online survey sites and data entry jobs companies together, if you have any reason whatsoever and want me to remove any with cogent reasons, please feel free, as making the entire internet web spam-free is a collective responsibility that should not be left for the big players like Google, Bing etc. alone.