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As Google becomes more and more strict with the way websites and blogs are ranked on its search engine, lots of sites are beginning to feel the full heavy hit which are always either Penguine or Panda Algo. Update

Each time Google updates the way websites and blogs are ranked, through means popularly referred to as google search algorithm update so many factors are used to preferentially consider one or more website over another

Some of these search engine optimization languages that are used includes

Domain age, contents uniqueness and originality, website usefulness to web visitors, quality, nature and type of backlinks directing to the website and lots more

In that case, many smart internet marketers and bloggers that truly know what they are doing have deemed it vital to put all of these ranking criteria in to due consideration so as to be on the frontline of other websites

And one of the quickest, easiest and automation way to build and create these backlinks are via “commenting” that is, commenting on other type of websites as the nature of sites will determine the type of backlinks to command

Whenever I make a new blog/website post and wants to send backlinks to it so as to rank on SERP in no time, I usually use Drop My Link


What DropMyLink does is, its searches for .edu blogs, .gov blogs and other SEO friendly sites to add your links to.

Here are lists of backlinks that Drop My Links can command for your website easily withouting you having to do any further guess work and without having to start doing series of searching on google engine

  • .gov blogs
  • Anchor Text in Comment Blogs
  • Angela’s Backlinks
  • CommentLuv Premium Blogs
  • Dofollow Comment Blogs
  • Expression Engine Forums
  • Hubpages – Hot Hubs
  • KeywordLuv Blogs
  • Squiddo Lenses – Add to Lists

its automatically lets you hard your blog, website or affiliate links on these SEO optimized websites

Please use this site with caution and dont spam, all that is expected of you is to enter the keyword text select the type of backlink you want to create and click search.

Drop My Link url again

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Top 5 Ranking Factors and Ingredients Of Google Optimization – Google Trust Rank Seo Algorithm

Google analyzes unimaginable amounts of data from millions of websites and whittles it down to the ten most relevant results for your search.As you will soon see, only a few factors ultimately determine the order of search results. But the big G likes to have all sorts of data available so that it can return relevant web pages for highly specific searches.

As a website owner or marketer, you don’t need to worry about the more arcane data points that Google analyzes.Your focus should be on the three most important factors for ranking on Google:
• Links
• Page title

The Five (5) Ingredients Of Google Optimization For Ranking a Site

As a Webmaster, here are the most important factors to get a site rank with the latest Google SERP rank factors for a site.

By now, I’ve shed some light on how Google ranks the millions of sites on the Web. As a business owner or marketer, you are on a constant quest to gain Google’s trust. And on your quest, you will need to keep exactly five factors in mind. I call them the five ingredients of successful SEO.

You already know the most important one: links (the very currency of trust in Google’s eyes). The others are keyword selection, meta page title, URL structure, and time. Even if those terms sound like jabberwocky to you right now, I promise they’ll be second nature by the time you finish this chapter.

Out smarting Google:  Top 5 Google SEO (Optimization) Secrets to Winning New Business

Here are the top 5 most important basic factors for a better Google optimization ranking.
• Keywords— Keywords, or search terms (these expressions are interchangeable),
are the words that are typed into search engines such as Google.

• Inbound links—As Google is analyzing its vast database of websites, trying to determine which ones to select as the 10 final, first-page contestants, it puts a high price tag on what’s known in the industry as inbound links. Inbound links are links from other websites that point to your website, which hopefully result in your site gaining Google’s trust.

• TrustRank— Let me take time to explain the meaning and definition of Trust rank, as it is a new SEO term to many people.  Let me start by saying that Pagerank doesn’t matter that much anymore.

PageRank is a pretty mirage to keep you from thinking about the real measure of a site’s popularity, better known as TrustRank. here is the simple meaning and definition of Trustrank; TrustRank is the degree to which Google trusts that your website will be valuable to visitors if presented as a search result

How To Determine and Analyze a Site Trust Rank

The Future Of Site SEO SERP

The best way to determine a site’s TrustRank, and the foundation of my proprietary tool, basically comes down to taking an educated guess. Here is the logic:
1. Google gives the most TrustRank to sites that have links from welllinked web pages. (Or, in grade school language: Google gives the most popularity to kids who have lots of popular friends.)

2. Google does not allow sites that sell links to pass trust but shows no indication of the sites that have been disallowed to pass trust. (Nature punishes the corrupt popular kids who have allowed their friendship to be bought,making them unable to confer popularity on other kids. Even though these punished kids remain popular, they cannot make anyone else popular.)

3. Therefore, a site has a high TrustRank if its links are from websites that, to the best of your knowledge, have never sold links. (If you onlybecome friends with the kids in your grade who have never sold theirfriendship for money, you can be sure that you are truly popular.)

A Final Word on TrustRank
In the game of search engine optimization, you should now be at the point where you understand what the playing field looks like from a high level. If you haven’t been paying attention, it basically comes down to this:
• Try to get a lot of websites to link to your website that
• Have many inbound links
• Have never sold links
• This will give your site TrustRank and cause Google to send it traffic.

We know from the preceding paragraphs  that the more links your site receives from other trusted websites, the higher its TrustRank will be, and therefore the higher its likelihood of showing up at the top of the search results. TrustRank is one of the two main factors Google uses to determine which results to show on the first page for a search.

• Meta page title—A meta page title, the other main factor used by Google to determine which results to show on the first page for a search, basically is a short description of what your site is about, which people who program websites put into a special area of the website code. It is like the headline of a newspaper. There is a different meta page title for every page on your site, and Google pays special attention to it.

• URL— A uniform resource locator (URL) is the same thing as a domain name, or a web address. It’s the that you type in when you want to visit a website.