Faces On Facebook More than Those with Travel Passports – Social Media Industry Dares Travel Industry

facebook social mediaFacebook, Twitter and Linkedin which are the pioneer and top leading social media and networking sites have helped many businesses to bounce back tremeduously. With the statics below, social media industry is almost taking the leads in in social life sphere, and social media is favourably daring and competiting with the world vacations and travel tours industry very rapidly.

 Most shocking statistic: 50% of all Americans are on Facebook (155 million) while only 37% of Americans have   a passport (115 million). Most ridiculous: The city of Las Vegas has more than 446K likes on Facebook, beating out every other city and giving new meaning to the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays on Facebook

this clearly shows that more americans spend more of their time on social media sites than going on vacation travelling tours around the world. Look at the tripl social media and holiday vacation travelling tour statistics.

Social Media Industry Vs Travel Industy – How Facebook and Twitter Has Boost Blow the Social Sphere

Social media is changing the way we look at the world and is disrupting nearly every industry. Travel, the world’s largest industry, may be slow to adopt. but the it can not escape the impact of ‘Social”. Tripl is passionate about building the world’s best social media travel platform for both consumers and business. The infographic statistics diagram below illustrate tripl insights

Social Media industry, World Vacations and Travel Tours Industries Statistics Analysis By Tripl

scial media sites and travel tour statistics

Image source plus statistics analysis – tripl

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How To Optimize And Turn WordPress Blog Into A Social Network

Turning a WordPress blog Into A Social Network sphere is easy, just follow my simple free plugins to achieve that

Visitor retention and interactivity is becoming even more important. For this reason you may want to add your own social network on to a WordPress blog. There are some very easy ways for you to do this ranging from easy to install plug-ins to more extensive social networking products that can actually allow you to create a network similar to Facebook and other popular social networking sites.

So let’s look at some easy to install social networking plug-in first.

PLUGIN 1 – Buddypress
This plug-in is very quick and easy to install. You can create a very basic social network and this plug-in will go as detailed and complicated as you would like. One of the best features of its design is the fact that you can
easily turn on and off specific features any time you like.

PLUGIN 2 – Mingle
This is another very easy social networking plug-in and works with a lot of WordPress themes. It allows you to set up profile pages, create lists of friends, have profile activities, social comments and e-mail notifications.
It does not have as many features as Buddypress, however, many users say it is much easier to set up.

PLUGIN 3 – Customize Your Community
This is really more of an administration plug-in. You can change the way your login page appears, the way your recover lost password pages look, how registration pages appear and things like that.

PLUGIN 4 – Community Blogs For BuddyPress With this powerful plug-in you can create groups or community blogs that have multiple authors on them right inside Buddypress. Administrators can give members registered user status to any blogs they wish or multiple

These are the powerful tools to optimize a wordpress blog and turn it into a social network, if you have other great tools, please drop it here on the comment section below.