How to Reboot and Shutdown Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 Online Without Using Start Menu

Rebooting, hibernating and shutting down any of your computer windows operating system either remotely or directly online is now made easily possible

With the free ReStartPage online, you can now close all open programs, shut down windows and then turn of your computer online without having to click on your normal computer Start Menu or the Alt F4 (windows shortcut shutdown keys)

From this windows rebooting and shutdown page online, you can exit windows, shut down windows, restart windows, end and turn off your computer session.

This computer rebooting or turning off application software page online currently support windows XP, windows vista, windows 7 and 8


Brief Summary Of What  the Free RestartPage Does?

  1. Swtich user without closing personally or default windows installed programs
  2. Log Off: Close programs and log off your computer
  3. Lock your computer
  4. Restart: close all open prgrams, shut down open windows and then starts windows again
  5. Sleep: Keep your session in memory and put the computer in low-power state so that you can quickly resume working from where you stopped previously
  6. Hibernate: Saves your session and turn off the computer, When you turn on the computer, windows restores your session

Click RestartPage to reboot your computer windows or shutdown your computer programs for free today

Keyboard Shortcut Keys For windows 8 OS

Its good to know that windows 8 operating system will officially be released October later this year. Microsoft has officially made the pronouncement and we all are waiting to witness a full complete version of a “never released before” OS

Below are top quick microsoft new windows 8 operating system shortcut keys

Windows key – Shows the New Metro User Interface (UI) screen

Win + A / Win + Space – Switches keyboard Layouts
Win + C – Brings Start menu with Time and date
Win + D – Shows the Standard Desktop Screen
Win + F – Allows you to search for files
Win + I  – Opens the Settings Sidebar
Win + L – Lock Windows
WIN + O – Applies Rotation Lock
Win + P – Presents with Multi-Monitor options
Win + Q – Lists all Installed applications
Win + W – Instant search for settings.
Win + X – Opens oower user shortcut menu
Win + Y – Desktop Glance
Win + Z – Shows the Application bar in Metro apps


Functional Keys Shortcuts

Win + F1 – Displays Help
Win + F2 – Rename Item
Win + F3 – Search for files and folders
Win + F4 – Displays items in Active list
Win + F5 – Refresh

Page Up/Down Shortcuts

Win + Page Up – Move Start screen to left Monitor
Win + Page Down – Move Start screen to right Monitor

Number Shortcuts

Win + (1-9) – Switches to the app as numbered on the Taskbar

Arrow Keys Shortcuts

Win + Left arrow– Snaps Desktop Window to left 
Win +  Right arrow – Snaps Desktop Window to right
Win +  Up arrow – Maximizes the Desktop Window
Win +  Down arrow – Minimizes or Restores the the Desktop Window

Period Shortcuts

Win + . (period) – Snaps the Metro app to  right
Win + . (period) + Shift – Snaps the Metro app to left

Win + Tab – Makes a Switch between currently opened apps