12 thoughts on “Top 5 Sites to Create and Get A Google Adsense Account Approval Quick”

  1. But jerry, which bank acct will i use 4 d google adsence acct.

    1. Dear Bobbyratio,
      You dont need a bank account to get an approved Google
      adsense account. Infact you dont even need it at all.

      Once your earnings get to a minimum of $100 USD or 70 euros
      Google will email you a check for that month, you will then
      take the check to the bank and lodge/deposit it there using
      your domiciliary account with that bank e.g Gtbank

      Its will take 21 working days for the check to clear, thereafter
      you can withdrawal the money in the international currencies
      (euros, dollars or pounds) or simply asked them to pay you in
      naira if there is no bureau D change around your area.

      these are simple steps we Nigeria Google Adsense users use in
      getting paid and getting our Google adsense checks cleared.

  2. HI master jerrywhite,
    thanks so much for all the good work you have been doing for us.
    keep it on

    1. Thanks Emmnuel
      For notifying me, i just took a look and found out that
      Due to unforeseen circumstances, Google has terminated
      Flixya from the Google Adsense API. Flexya no longer serve
      Google Adsense ads around its user(s) content(s)

      You can go ahead to use other mentioned and listed above

  3. Jerry you are doing a nice job here, Docstoc too is also having problem, i have been trying to upload file to my account for some time now but is not going. check it out.

  4. hello, can i still register with bukisa or xomba and upload files and get verified for google adsense acct? thanks

  5. Kudos to Mr. Jerry, am new to all this adsense thing so where and how do i get started. Thanks

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